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Semi-Finalist Pitch Companies Announced – NEXT Venture Pitch 2021

Join us at the Screening Party

NEXT Venture Pitch 2021 is proud to announce the companies that have reached the semifinals. These companies have submitted their 3-minute pitch video to be presented at our Pitch Screening party on September 1st to compete for the selective final spots.

The companies that will be pitching are listed below and are sorted in alphabetical order.

3 Mountains

3 Mountains has produced Sarilla as an innovative nonalcoholic beverage, brewed for kegs and cans, and made with real tea leaves that we source directly from farmer cooperatives and genocide survivors in Rwanda. We have been working with the people of Rwanda since 2007 and have 3 CGP lines: Sarilla Sparkling, Tîma Tea, and Ubuzima Herbals.


6 AM City

6AM is redefining the future of local media as the fastest growing newsletter-first local media company in the country, delivering the most relevant need-to-know local news and events.


Agri-Tech Producers, LLC

Using Agri-Tech's patented Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, one plants and then multi-tasks special Bio-Crops, to cost-effectively do good things, like capturing large amounts of CO 2, remediating air, soil and water, and then making circular economy bio-products from the harvested material.



Anduin is software for professional service firms to run their business on. Anduin uses Artificial Intelligence for an easier, faster, smarter work-to-cash cycle.


Blue Recruit

BlueRecruit is a direct-hire marketplace built for skilled-trade workers who want to grow their careers and the companies that are desperate for their talent. BlueRecruit has removed the inefficiencies of resumes and job posts by focusing on the skills, certifications, and licenses that matter in the trades.


Bubble Paper

Bubble Paper is an innovative new packaging product which is 100% curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and reduces CO2 footprint by up to 20X. Bubble Paper products are designed for e-commerce, meal-kit, and healthcare companies.



DebtBook helps finance teams in local government, higher education, and healthcare easily manage their debt and lease portfolio in the cloud. It is a powerful, easy-to-use debt and lease management software.


Delta Bravo Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Strength Predictive Analytics platform for manufacturing and smart cities. Used by Rolls-Royce, AccuWeather, Gulfstream, Continental and others.



Finmark is financial planning software for startups making it simple for companies to manage their runway, hiring, and cash. Just like Carta became the dominant winner moving startup cap tables out of spreadsheets, we want to do the same for financial models.


Freeman Capital

Freeman Capital is for people of color who seek generational wealth, Freeman Capital is an investment app that provides a hyper-personalized wealth journey and is fanatical about simplifying comprehensive wealth management into a monthly subscription service.


GeoGraph Technologies LLC

CrescentLink is a GIS mapping software built for network operators looking to transform their digital paper records, and institutional knowledge of their advanced Fiber, Copper, and Coax networks. GIS which stands for Global Information System is a catalyst for digital transformation for Utilities and Network operators.


Inductive Ventures

Inductive Ventures (IV) has developed a revolutionary magnetic braking solution that never wears out. Our magnetic brake systems drastically reduce the operational and maintenance costs as well as the logistical costs of your vehicle over its life cycle.


Land Intelligence, Inc.

Land development has no central operating system to research, finance, and trade deals. LandSUITE provides land developers a SaaS platform to make more money and avoid bad deals faster.



Lightgliders is a digital game world of Christian faith and fun for kids ages 6-12. It was created to engage kids, redeem screen time, and encourage meaningful conversations in the home.


Obsidio, Inc.

Obsidio is pioneering a biomaterial platform technology to enable minimally-invasive occlusion of blood vessels with broad applications in interventional radiology and interventional oncology. The technology can be used to control bleeding, close off vessels supplying blood to tumor, eliminate abnormal connections between arteries and veins, and treat aneurysms.


Offeroo, Inc.

Offeroo is a web-based service to help homebuyers make offers on off-market properties. As a buyer on the hunt for the perfect property, make an offer on the home you actually want, not just one that happens to be listed on the MLS.



Omedym, My Demo spelled backward, was founded to address the dramatic flip that is occurring in software sales– from controlled by the seller to controlled by the buyer. Omedym allows sellers to digitize the product experience by making video searchable.


Outdoor Access, Inc.

Outdoor Access is Airbnb for land. We "Unlock the Outdoors" for landowners and outdoor enthusiasts by making private land available for short and long-term leases for recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, target shooting, relic hunting, and horseback riding.


Pensievision, Inc.

Pensievision combines AI-based software with active optics hardware to achieve low-cost, portable, 3D imaging for medical, commercial, or industrial applications. Its flagship device, CervImage™, is the world's first portable colposcope to deliver high-resolution, all-focus, three-dimensional images, for assisting in early-stage detection of pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix.


ProAxion, Inc.

ProAxion provides IoT based predictive health and maintenance services for production facilities (an EKG for machines) along with analytics to help these facilities schedule repairs before machines fail.


ProtectorFree, Inc.

ProctorFree is an on-demand, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online proctoring solution for higher education institutions and professional organizations. It is the Zoom for proctoring online assessments, exams, and quizzes.


Resilient Biotics

Resilient Biotics is a developing aerosol delivered, live probiotics for respiratory health in human and animal health applications. Our products have the potential to replace antibiotics for the treatment of complex respiratory infections.



ScopeStack is a web-based software platform used to automate the pricing and statement of work creation for IT services companies. Our platform takes a complex process and creates a simple and easy method for delivering quick and accurate statements of work.



Servosity's goal is to make the world’s servers UnCrashable & data UnLosable. We give our clients rock-solid backups for a regular, low monthly investment.


Shandoka: Electric Motorcycles

Shandoka makes it predictable and safe to convert existing motorcycles from gas to electric drive with a bolt-on structural adapter, which serves as a platform for the drive system components (battery, charger, motor control unit, drive motor). The modular retrofit kits are installed by our trained builders network, and each component can always be upgraded so the motorcycle is never again obsolete.



EXO is a contactless retail checkout solution that scans a shopping bag of items simultaneously in a fraction of a second and instantly populates a mobile checkout experience or POS register.



StomaGenie is a prescribed, single-use, consumable hygiene product used during ostomy pouch replacements, which is Medicare reimbursed. StomaGenie is additive to the chronic care experience and compatible with all other ostomy supplies currently in use. Also in development is a wearable prosthetic for management of acute skin complications related to ostomy care.


Tested HQ, LLC

TestedHQ is a research technology (ResTech) platform that delivers programmatic access to first-party survey data. This data can be used by consumer product companies to improve the product development process.


Tyrata, Inc.

Tyrata provides fully automated tire logistics and data services that transform how fleets manage and use tires. Tyrata’s data portal ( provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage, and analysis for all IntelliTread® products. delivers automated tire tread depth analysis on a subscription basis with no hardware or software costs.


Zylo Therapeutics

Zylö is bridging the innovation gap in topical drug delivery using patented silica particles called Z-pods™. The Z-pod™ delivery system overcomes bioavailability challenges by providing: improved stability, sustained release, targeting of the hair follicle unit, educed enzymatic degradation, and the ability to provide sustained release of nitric oxide.


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