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The Venture Atlanta Connection- How NEXT Venture Pitch Feeds into Regional Entrepreneurial Success

Venture Atlanta-NEXT Venture Pitch Connection


How NEXT Venture Pitch came to partner with Venture Atlanta to further promote regional entrepreneurial success stories

The mission of NEXT Venture Pitch has always been to connect companies in the Carolinas to the venture capital they need. Since the event’s first debut in 2016, NEXT Venture Pitch has evolved from an afternoon pitch event for investors to a boutique conference teeming with educational content from first-rate speakers and the chance to showcase your company to some of the top venture investors in the country.

While the opportunity to pitch at NEXT Venture Pitch alone can help companies poised for growth get their foot in door with VCs, the winner of the NEXT Venture Pitch competition gets more than just bragging rights - they’ll also secure a highly coveted spot to pitch on stage as a Presenting Company at the Venture Atlanta 2021 Conference in October.

So, what’s the connection between the two events?

The Venture Atlanta conference, established in 2007, has supported the NEXT Venture Pitch event since its ideation - but in the last two years, the connection between the two events has been formalized by the automatic bid to Venture Atlanta for the winner of the NEXT Venture Pitch competition.

The relationship between both events is symbiotic- in 2020, 10% of Venture Atlanta's competing companies came from NEXT Venture Pitch, with 7 of NEXT Venture Pitch finalists featured across Venture Atlanta's Showcase and Presenting companies.

Paige McPheely Co-Founder and CEO of Base, NVP 2020 Competition Winner, said "Since NEXT Venture Pitch 2020, we've made some essential hires to our team and are about to formally launch our most anticipated feature that will change the game in Scheduling and Calendar Management. We've also completed a second Seed round and gained a new investor from a connection made through Venture Atlanta, which we participated in thanks to winning NEXT Venture Pitch."

We believe working together not only benefits our entrepreneurs, but also the ecosystem. So, by applying to both, you are doing yourself a favor and getting the best of both worlds. A boutique conference making all the much-needed connections, while then getting the exposure at a bigger staged event.

The importance of NEXT Venture Pitch goes way beyond the actual event . This conference offers an opportunity to make connections, get seen, and develop working relationships with key capital providers, service providers, and peer entrepreneurs. So that you are not only putting yourself out there today, but setting up your pathway for future success. The value is even if you're not trying to raise capital now, you may need to one day.

The deadline to apply for the Venture Atlanta Conference is August 6th. The deadline to apply for the NEXT Venture Pitch Conference is August 15th.


Now in its sixth iteration, the NEXT Venture Pitch Conference is a half-day venture capital conference that brings together high-growth entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, world-class speakers, and more to establish Greenville as an innovation and entrepreneurship hub in the southeast. For more information, visit


NEXT is an entrepreneurial support organization that attracts and helps high-impact, knowledge-based companies grow by developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem and connecting entrepreneurs to it. NEXT currently supports over 120 knowledge-based companies in Upstate South Carolina. For more information, visit

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