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Who is Base?

Learn how this innovative startup is changing the world for Executive Assistants

Recently crowned the winners of NEXT Venture Pitch 2020, Base deserves a spotlight piece for their innovative and extremely useful product. For their prize, Base will be given a Showcase Spotlight at Venture Atlanta in October!

Base is the first software built specifically for Executive Assistants — with their tools, assistants are putting an average of 8+ hours back into their week and increasing leverage for the executives they support.

Paige McPheely, the founder of Base, believes that comprehensive tech solutions are meant for everyone — “The future of work lies with the assistant, and it's time they had a dedicated solution built for the incredible value they provide executives,” says Paige. “Today, assistants can use Base for free. We believe everyone should have access to an assistant, which means every assistant should have a solution to help them succeed.”

Get started with Base today — for Free.

Frustrated by the pain points that hinder executives and assistants from working cohesively, Base has created a solution that overcomes inadequate technology, manual processes, communication inefficiencies, and competing priorities. In helping assistants streamline their day, Base stays ahead of the curve by working with Executive Assistants to continually improve their product while focusing on one simple mantra: “Don’t do it alone.”

With Base, assistants can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Store executive information in a secure, dedicated location

  • Create 1 feed of decisions your executive needs to make

  • Help your executive spend their time more productively with visual representations

  • Standardize winning processes and use pre-made email templates

  • Save time and create high-visibility with shared workspaces

  • Create greater calendar awareness for events, vacations, and leave

Why is Base so valuable?

For Assistants:

Through their platform, assistants have access to the tools they need to spend their time on scaling high-velocity growth for businesses, helping them put upwards of 20% productivity back into their workweek. This productivity boost has allowed assistants to focus on supporting their executives in more strategic ways such as providing progress updates on executive OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and aligning their success to that of the executive.

For Executives:

In addition to the numerous tools available for assistants, executives also benefit a great deal from Base by starting the day off focused. A one-shot view of the day helps executives better prepare for that afternoon meeting while the Decision Stream keeps track of all communications and tasks that might be spread out across email, Slack, and text. Plus, the ability to plug-in preferences for executives creates a seamless transition when assistants go on vacation or new hiring occurs.

You can learn more about Base and their product by visiting their website here.

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